Utah Valley University Museum of Art at Lakemount Brand Strategy and Visual Identity


A prominent family in the Orem, Utah area donated an estate to Utah Valley University. The university decided to turn the estate into their new museum of art.

The new museum was to serve as a venue for events and also a museum of creativity for the community. 

My task was to establish the strategy and visual identity for the new museum and for all marketing efforts going forward.


- Brand Strategy
- Visual Identity Creation

Phase 1: Strategy

The strategy phase consists of an in-person workshop, questionnaire and research into key elements for the brand. The "Why", core essence, positioning, benefits, personality, core messages and personas are all identified and organized into the brand strategy playbook.

Phase 2: Moodboards

With the brand foundation in place, moodboards are created in order to distill a visual style that directly translates the strategy formed in phase one.

Phase 3: Concept Exploration Round 1

Once there is a clear vision for which visual paths to explore, bringing different concepts to life occurs in phase 3. With this phase, I explored multiple ideas including prisms, kaleidoscopes, monograms, stained glass windows, all to communicate the brand key attributes.

Phase 3: Concept Exploration Round 2

After exploring many different directions for the logo and typography, the choices were reduced down to three concepts. The concepts relied on exploring creative typography, stained glass, and prisms.

Phase 3: Concept Exploration Round 3

With three very distinct and memorable concepts refined, it was time to incorporate color. In order to make sure the museum fell under the style guide of UVU's overall brand, we incorporated the university's standard palette.