Trofi Meal Shake Brand Strategy & Visual Identity


Trofi is a nutritional supplement company that sells meal shakes. They positioned them selves in the market to focus on real food with actual potentable doses of fruits and vegetables. Most competitors offer very little actual doses of nutrition.

When we started out, we didn't even have a product. I needed to start from scratch. With a comprehensive branding strategy in place, I was able to create an identity and website. 


- Brand Strategy
- Visual Identity
- Content Strategy
- UX/UI Website Art Direction

Phase 1: Strategy Foundation

Before I started designing, I needed to establish the basic tenets of what the identity needs to communicate. I with the help of the strategy team researched and created a comprehensive strategy plan. I translated that strategy plan into basic brand attributes that could be visually communicated through the identity.

Phase 2: Moodboards

I translated the strategy plan and brand foundation into basic brand attributes that could be visually communicated through the identity. The moodboards not only gave visual examples of the brand attributes but the exact strategy on how those elements communicate the strategy.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Direction 1 & 2 Concepting

I developed three different stylistic directions for the visual identity that were significantly different in execution but still translated the visual brand attributes. Direction one focused on communicating a "real food" utilizing organic shapes and natural colors to create a playful and appetizing feel. Direction two was similar to one but with a much more streamlined and modern look.