Sevier County Brand Strategy and Visual Identity


Sevier County is located right in the heart of Utah and is the home to some of the most iconic landscapes and trails of the west. Their brand messaging, strategy and identity was outdated and didn't connect with their target audience. My task was to identify a strategy that would connect with their target audience of athletic and outdoorsy visitors as well to update their entire visual identity system.

- Brand strategy
- Visual identity
- Brand Messaging

Phase 1: Strategy Creation

The first stage consisted of creating the brand core, brand messaging and direction for the visual identity. For the brand core, I organized the content into the brand purpose, vision, mission and values. The brand messaging included the personality, tagline and messaging pillars. The foundation for the brand identity included the specific brand positioning, benefits and personality.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Concepting

With the strategy from phase one solidified, I created three separate directions for the identity with three separate palettes as well. The directions included a main mark, secondary mark, monogram as well as a comprehensive color palette.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Revisions

The client chose one of three directions, but the concept still needed to be simplified and refined. The logo needed to also include a tagline version as well as individual departments. With so much information that needed to be included in the mark, a streamlined version needed to be created.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Finalization

I finalized the mark, color palette and typography into the basic visual identity. Letterhead, business cards, brand collateral and campaigns were all versioned out with the new strategy, messaging and visual identity.