Kenny Seng Construction Brand Strategy, Marketing Campaign and Website Creation.


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- Brand Strategy
- Visual Identity
- Campaign Creation 
- Content Strategy
- Information Architecture
- Web design

Phase 1: Strategy

The goal of the first part of phase one was to establish all of the necessary strategy to build the foundation of the brand. Key metrics like personas, benefits, positioning, purpose, core essence, messaging and personality are all established to give a comprehensive idea of how the brand will achieve it's goals.

Phase 2: Moodboards

With the brand strategy foundation in place, I began the process of distilling all of that information down into key brand attributes that could be communicated visually. These moodboards acted as the foundation for the visual identity going forward.

Phase 3: Concept Exploration

Red, black and gray proved to be the most appropriate color palette for the brand. I explored typography and marks that communicated the core essence of the strategy, were distinctive and memorable and had a proper amount of versatility.