Infotrax Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Marketing Campaign and Website Creation


Infotrax is a direct sales distribution software company based in Provo, Utah. They were in need of a complete overhaul of brand strategy, brand messaging and visual identity. All of these components also needed to apply internally to employees as well as externally to their target personas.


- Brand strategy 
- Visual Identity
- Marketing strategy
- Website creation (Content strategy, information architecture, wireframes, art direction)

Phase 1: Brand Strategy

My team and I layed out the foundation for all strategy efforts including target personas, positioning, benefits, personality and core messages. Each of these components were designed out to target employees as well as external marketing personas.

Phase 2: Moodboards

This moodboard phase was especially detailed due to the extensive nature of how far their visual identity reached. Not only do they have standard applications like marketing campaigns and a website, but their software needed to reflect the same style. I distilled the brand strategy down into the key attributes that the visual identity needs to communicate.