Dirty Dough Cookies Brand Strategy and Website Creation


Dirty Dough Cookies needed an entire brand strategy and website and they needed it fast. Due to a contract issue with their previous designer, they needed to start from scratch and essentially have a complete visual identity in the span of a weekend. I created a basic visual identity of logo, colors, typography, UI kit, and photography in a couple of days.

Those elements were then used to create packaging, website, and the styling for the interior of the retail stores. All in all, a complete design system was designed in a matter of days.

- Brand strategy
- Logo design
- Visual Identity
- UI/UX Web design
- Packaging

Phase 1: Visual Identity Research and Strategy

Due to the extreme time constraints, I needed to gather all of their marketing research and existing brand strategy and distill that into key attributes that could be used to design a brand look and feel. I gathered all of the appropriate information from the research that would help me form a solid brand personality and messaging. I took that raw data and simplified it down into three keywords that would be the basis of the look and feel.

Phase 2: Visual Identity Concepting and Execution

I explored about sixty type and logo options and condensed them into ten viable concepts. From those ten concepts, there was one execution that fit the rubric of unique, versatile and appropriate for the brand.  After the client approved the concept, I created a color palette that had sufficient contrast, worked well together and resonated with the target audience. With a logo and color approved, I chose an appropriate typeface that would work well in every situation is placed. Secondary elements like photography styling, interior styling and packaging were mocked up to help the client envision the visual identity in practice.

Phase 3: Finalizing Visual Identity

Wanting to separate themselves as far as possible from competitors, the client suggested we eliminate pink from the palette. The visual identity also needed to have multiple options for the logo and a tertiary typeface for special callouts.

Phase 4: Interior Visual Style

With the basic building blocks cemented for the visual identity, I was able to show how those elements would affect the look and feel of the actual retail store locations. Rather than an architectural blueprint, these style recommendations showed how to implement the basics of color and brand identity into their store experience.

Phase 5: Website Creation

With a basic UI kit created and all of the visual identity, we created a complete e-commerce website in record time. All of the stages of content strategy, information architecture, wireframing, design, and final development were done in a couple of weeks.