About Me

Hello there! Nice of you to stop by. My name's James and I'm super grateful you took the time to find out something about me. Let me start at the beginning...

Well, maybe not the beginning, but I'll start at the good stuff. I'm a born and raised Jersey kid (sorry, no accent) who's somehow managed to settle down in Utah. I'm infiltrating Utah society with my big bear dog Franky.

My life revolves around making art I can show the ol' grandkids one day. I love making things that inspire, beautify, and entertain, but who doesn't? I'm just grateful I get to do it for a living.

Speaking of that, my background is a little unique with a double major in graphic design and animation from BYU. It took me seven years to get it, but I'm super glad I did. Fast forward to now and I've been able to create some decent award-winning projects. My mom is really proud. 

I'd love to help you out anyway I can, but I warn you, my expertise lies mostly in the visual arts so don't expect golden relationship advice. Anyway, I've drawn this out way too long. Seriously, feel free to contact me. There's a good chance I can help :)



(973) 580-8749


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